Enjoy a Secretive Day at the International Spy Museum

You and your kids can pretend to be spies while testing your intelligence in this interactive museum. The whole family will love this fun, very secretive day out in Washington DC!

A non-profit, this museum reveals the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage. It features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts on public display. A great post ahead.

The Briefing Center

The Briefing Center at International Spy Museum Washington DC is a great place to start your museum visit. There you receive a new cover identity, an RFID-enabled badge, and a chance to test your spy skills in an interactive UNDERCOVER MISSION!

Your performance is tracked and a debrief based on your mission can be accessed through the number on your spy badge at any time. You can also watch a briefing film to learn about covert missions that influence battles, change governments and shape lives.

This is a great experience for kids and adults. There are lots of fun and unique artifacts to see and a lot of interesting information to learn.

It’s a fun romp through spy history that has drawn in visitors from all over the world. It’s reopening in L’Enfant Plaza last year has boosted the popularity of this family-friendly destination.

The Gallery of Stealing Secrets

The Gallery of Stealing Secrets traces the history of spying from ancient times to today. Learn how governments have stolen secrets to gain economic advantages and what it means to be a spy.

This section is very informative and combines fun with facts to make the experience enjoyable for guests of all ages. It’s best for kids ages 11-15, but adults will also find it entertaining.

The International Spy Museum is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon learning about espionage and spy technology. It’s a very popular museum that has many interactive components that keep visitors entertained and engaged. A great place to also visit is Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

The Gallery of Making Sense of Secrets

Spymasters have used hundreds of imaginative inventions to steal secrets from others throughout history, and in this gallery, visitors learn how the information they acquire gets turned into useful intelligence. They also get to see how the spymasters who analyze the intelligence they receive make decisions that impact the world.

This gallery also examines how the tension between secrecy and openness has shaped the world we live in. From the trials of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to 21st-century leaker Edward Snowden, you’ll discover how spy agencies have responded to threats all nations face.

Upon entering, you’ll be given an RFID badge that lets you participate in interactive and test your spy skills. You’ll then be assigned a cover identity and a make-believe mission. You’ll scan your badge at various stations to progress your case study bit by bit, and each time you do, you’ll be able to build up your mission profile to see how well you’re performing.

The Gallery of Covert Action

The Gallery of Covert Action at the International Spy Museum Washington DC is home to some of the world’s most fascinating espionage artifacts. The museum holds the largest collection of international spy tools ever placed on public display.

From a smuggled sawed-off ice axe used to assassinate Trotsky to a lipstick tube that was disguised as a weapon in the 1960s, these objects illuminate the lethal side of espionage. Other exhibits explore deception, propaganda, and the role of illusory magic.

Visitors can test their spy skills on a number of digital interactives that challenge them to crack codes, uncover dead drop sites and remember their cover identity. After they complete their mission, they receive a personalized debrief. Those who do not want to be tracked can opt out of the experience. Next blog post.



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