Founded in 1890, Rock Creek Park is one of the country’s premier urban national parks. Located in the Northwest quadrant of DC, it boasts hiking trails, historic landmarks, and more.

Its green areas are a mix of clearings and forests, with trees and open spaces designed and maintained by the park’s landscape architects. The forest patches are mainly chestnut oak and American beech. Click here for more info.

Nature Center

Founded in 1890, Rock Creek Park is one of Washington DC’s largest city retreats and remains a popular destination for joggers, bikers, and birdwatchers. Its 32 miles of trails are a popular place for locals to spend their weekends.

The Nature Center, located just north of the Horse Stables, is a great place to begin your adventure at the park. There you can pick up a map of the park’s trails, and learn about the wildlife that calls it home.

The Nature Center is home to a Planetarium, where Park Rangers present free programs about the night sky. It also offers educational exhibits about the park’s wildlife and plants, as well as displays of stuffed animals that are native to the park.


Located in the Nature Center, the Rock Creek Park Planetarium uses high-tech Spitz software to project an image of the night sky onto a large, dome-shaped ceiling. Rangers lead visitors on a journey of exploration into our solar system, galaxy, and beyond.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just looking for an enjoyable activity in Washington, DC, the Planetarium at Rock Creek Park is worth a visit. It’s the only national park with one, and there are plenty of free ranger-led star programs to choose from.

The National Park Service’s visitor center at Rock Creek Park offers hiking information, brochures, and maps, a bookstore, exhibits on area plants and animals, and the only planetarium in the national parks system. Many of the park’s ranger-led programs start or take place at the Nature Center. Visit another area in town here.


Whether you’re looking for a quick walk in the woods, a longer hike or something in between, Rock Creek Park has plenty to offer. It’s a popular destination for locals and visitors and offers a variety of hiking, biking, horse trails, golf, a boating center, and a nature center with plenty of wildlife exhibits to see.

If you’re looking for a shorter hike, try the Valley Trail, which is about two miles out and back. It runs along the eastern edge of the park, so you’ll get a good view of Rock Creek, and it crosses a few roads. For a more challenging outing, you can also do the Western Ridge Trail, which is 9 miles out and back.

Horse Stables

You can take a break from the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC, deep in the woods at Rock Creek Park. The 1,754-acre park is filled with 32 trails and paths, historic buildings, and natural wonders.

A great way to explore the park is by horseback. There are 13 miles of bridle paths that wind through forests, along creeks, and past old historic structures like mills and Civil War-era forts.

The horse stables at Rock Creek Park offer boarding, summer day camp, lessons, and trail rides for all skill levels. They also host special events and activities.


With over 2,000 acres, twice the size of Central Park, Rock Creek Park is one of Washington DC’s greenest and most popular destinations. Offering an extensive range of outdoor activities, the park is also home to the Smithsonian National Zoo and several other historical and cultural attractions.

During the spring and summer, a variety of events are held at the Park including concerts, dances, theatre performances, and family fun days. You can also participate in seasonal walks led by Park Rangers. Continue reading about Georgetown Waterfront Park.



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