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All About Shutters

One window treatment that’s become increasingly popular over the years are interior window shutters, often called “plantation shutters.” Unlike the typical shutters, which are fastened on the exterior of the home and act much like outdoor blinds, plantation shutters are installed inside the home. Let's learn more about it.

These interior shutters give any home an elegant look, no matter what they’re made of.

1. Vinyl Shutters – These are typically your least expensive option for interior window shutters, and may come with PVC or aluminum supports for added stability. Vinyl shutters can be hollow, solid, or vinyl-clad wood. Because vinyl is water-resistant, vinyl shutters are good in humid climates.

2. Composite Shutters – Also referred to as “engineered wood or faux wood” shutters, these window coverings are made by wrapping medium-density fiberboard in a vinyl or PVC coating. Composite shutters should be considered when you want the look and feel of wooden shutters without the elevated prices.

3. Wooden Shutters – These are the ultimate in plantation shutters, offering high strength-to-weight ratios and endless customization options. If you’re really looking for top of the line interior shutters, consider basswood which is considered the gold-standard in the window treatment industry.

We’re very proud to be the retailer homeowners turn to when they need window coverings. From blinds to draperies, we’ve got many years experience designing window treatments and customizing the options in our showroom to fit the homes and styles of our clients.

Get the look! Give us a call and get your free quotation and in-home consultation now - call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!
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Get The Designer Touch

Nearly everyone knows that a bare window is a sad window. Sure, it lets in plenty of light, but there are so many options for covering the windows in your home that there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of the window treatments available here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashion. From making your home more comfortable to boosting your home’s value, the right window treatment can go a long way towards creating the perfect environment in a house.
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Window Treatment Trends That Will Inspire Your Inner Designer

Instagram and Facebook aren’t the only things that can be trending. The window treatment industry also has trends of its own!

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home and are trying to assemble your interior decorating scheme, or just the type of homeowner who likes to overhaul their look as trends change, you’ll definitely want to keep reading this post.

Straight from the creative minds of our window fashion team here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashion, these trends are setting the standard for window design and home decor. No matter how big or small your home improvement project may be, our experts can help you make fashionable choices that compliment your style and fit into your budget.

Do you normally ignore or try to buck the current fashion trends? That may be OK when talking about denim styles and haircuts, but there are some very compelling reasons to keep up with window treatment trends!

1. Home Value – As we’ve discussed in the past, upgrading to modern window treatments can increase your home’s value and beauty.

2. Energy Efficiency – Modern window treatment like reflective films and exterior shading products can save you money on utility bills.

3. Environmental Friendliness – As you’ll read below, trendy window treatments made with natural materials are all the rage right now!

4. Resale Appeal – If you’re thinking about selling your home in a year or two, overhauling the window treatments can be a fairly easy way to increase your resale value.
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Why You Should Invest in Custom Blinds For Your New Home

Not all windows are made the same. If you’ve lived in a number of different places, you know that it’s not always easy to take your window treatments from one home and simply hang them up in the next place. Chances are the windows are a different size, require different hanging mechanisms, or you may have more windows in your new place. It becomes especially frustrating when you have a window that’s a unique shape or size; finding window treatments for something like that is going to be next to impossible. That’s why we recommend getting custom blinds for your new home. Custom blinds will come ready to hang in every window of your home, no matter what shape and size it might be. You might be reluctant to give up your old window treatments and start over with custom blinds, but it truly is one of the best investments you can make.

It’s frustrating not to mention time-consuming when you have to try to make your old window treatments fit your new windows. We’re guessing you have other things you’d like to be doing with your time. Investing in custom blinds allows you to get all of your window treatments done at the same time so you can move onto other projects and focus your energy elsewhere.

When you try to “make do” with your old window treatments, you probably aren’t making the best use of your windows. You are probably allowing too much or not enough light to get in, depending on how poorly the old window treatments fit. Custom blinds will fit your windows perfectly and allow you to efficiently adjust the amount of sun coming in. That can help you naturally heat your home and lower your monthly energy bills.

When you try to reuse your old window treatments instead of getting custom blinds, you could end up making your home look less-than-its-best. That’s not what you want. When you move into a new place, you want your home to look amazing and feel comfortable. Custom blinds help complete the vision you have for each room, instead of old window treatments that weren’t made for your space.

Chances are you aren’t thinking much about resale value now, but you will be in the future. Custom blinds can be an attractive addition to your home for potential buyers. It will make your home look more polished, and the potential buyer won’t have to worry about investing in custom blinds themselves. It’s a little thing that can actually pay off later in the life of your home.

While there are areas in your home decor where you can afford to make do, your window treatments shouldn’t be one of them. Treat yourself to custom blinds so you can enjoy the difference they make in the beauty and comfort of your home.

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The Health Benefits of Sunlight Exposure

Did you know that exposure to sunlight is actually good for your health?
Heat gain is a common problem that can cause your energy bill to spike on a monthly basis, but with window treatments from the experts at Couvrant Interior Window Fashion, you can dramatically reduce heat gain without having to close off your home to the sunlight. Believe it or not, sunlight is good for your health in a number of ways. Here are just a few of the many benefits of sunlight exposure:

1. Lower Blood Pressure
A study conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that, when sunlight touches the skin, nitric oxide is released into the blood vessels. Nitric oxide is a compound that helps to lower blood pressure. Lowering your blood pressure also lowers your risk for strokes and heart attacks, so exposure to sunlight could help to prolong your life.

2. Improve Sleep Quality
Melatonin is a hormone that makes you drowsy and helps you go to sleep. Exposure to sunlight sends a signal to the brain to stop the production of melatonin until it is dark again. If you aren’t exposed to sunlight, your body still produces a small amount of melatonin during the day. Not only does this leave you feeling drowsy all day, it has also been linked to poor sleep quality. By exposing yourself to sunlight during the day, you’ll help to normalize your internal clock and improve your sleep quality.

3. Boost Immune System
A moderate amount of sun exposure can be very beneficial for your immune system. Sun exposure leads to an increase in white blood cells, which are the cells that fight disease and defend your body from infections. Additionally, sunlight also helps to suppress overactive immune systems, which is why sunlight is often used to treat certain autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis.

4. Reduce Cancer Risk
While most of us grew up learning about the dangers of sunlight and skin cancer, it’s important to note that sunlight can actually be helpful in lowering your risk for some cancers. Sunlight is essential for producing vitamin D, and if you have a vitamin D deficiency, it can raise your risk for colon and breast cancer.

5. Ease Depression
Sunlight deprivation is the main reason why people get seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression during the winter. People who work long hours in buildings without sunlight can also develop SAD. Luckily, moderate amounts of sunlight exposure leads to an increase of natural antidepressants in the brain, which helps to relieve this form of depression.

Don’t hide behind your blinds because you are worried about what heat gain will do to your energy bills! Turn to Couvrant Interior Window Fashion to get the window treatments you need so that you can enjoy the many health benefits of sunlight exposure while also controlling the heat gain effectively. Give us a call! Get your free quotation and in-home consultation now - call us at 202-350-0047 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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Blinds vs. Curtains: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to custom window treatments, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for blinds or curtains in your home. It’s a debate that has been going on for decades within the interior design community. Here is a quick guide that can help you choose the right custom window treatments for your space.

Blinds offer a variety of nice benefits to a space, including the ability to control the amount of light that is coming into the room and giving you more privacy. Blinds also take up less space than curtains do, making them a good option for small spaces that you want to make feel as big as possible. Blinds are also a good investment of your money. Because of their classic look, if you choose a good quality blind in a neutral color, you should be able to have them in your home for years to come without worrying about them going out of style or needing to be replaced. That makes them a good investment for your money.

Blinds don’t bring as much character or warmth to a space as curtains. Blinds will also need to be cleaned more regularly than curtains, meaning you’ll need to wipe up each slat to remove dirt and dust buildup.

People who prefer curtains in their home do so most often because of the decorating options curtains allow. They come in all kinds of colors, textures, and styles so you can choose something that’s really perfect for your home and that adds interest to your room. Curtains are also relatively convenient to clean. You won’t need to do it often, and when you do, you can throw most curtains into the washing machine or have them dry cleaned. Curtains are also terrific at blocking out drafts, which could help lower your energy bill.

Curtains aren’t good for all rooms in your home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where they could present a fire hazard or be prone to mold and mildew. Depending on the type of curtains that you choose, they could require a larger investment upfront and might not last as long due to changing styles and decor in your home.

Think about the function of your room first and foremost. Blinds are usually a better option for kitchens and bathrooms, while curtains are nice in bedrooms to block out light and provide some character. Above all, though, which one you choose is going to come down to personal choice. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your custom window treatments! Choose curtains, blinds, or both for the windows in your home!

Whatever you want, we, at Couvrant Interior Window Fashion will make sure you get what you need. Give us a call! Get your free quotation and in-home consultation now - call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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When to Consider Replacing Your Coverings

Home improvement, in itself, is a project that doesn’t ever really seem to end. There are so many things that constantly need to be done, and even when it feels like you’re getting a grip on the list, there is that one project that lingers in the back of your head that you know you should be working on.

These are some of the signs that you might recognize when it’s time for you to finally switch out the window treatments in your home.

1. Warped or Bent
One of the clearest signs that it’s time to replace your blinds will be physical signs of bent or warped parts. This is primarily the case with mini blinds, but can also be a huge part of other window coverings that you install in your home. If you have any creases in your window coverings, whether they be mini blinds or any of the shades that you pull down, you should consider getting them replaced. This can make it difficult to take advantage of energy efficiency, but can also completely take away the purpose of having window coverings at all.

2. They Don’t Work
When you install window fashions in your home, you invest in them so that they can provide coverage and control with natural light, but also so that they can increase the efficiency of your home. If you have blinds or window coverings that aren’t doing that, then it is beyond time to switch them out. Something that all creators of window coverings work to complete, at the very least, is have a fashion that will be efficient and get the job done.

At times this could be as easy as switching them out for a new set of blinds, but it could also serve as an opportunity to see what other types of fashions are available. There may be a new style that better suits your needs or one that better suits your aesthetic preferences. Regardless, being able to see what other options are out there and how they can provide you with more coverage, more control or higher levels of efficiency is always worth looking into.

3. Outdated
We said it at the beginning, but 7 to 8 years is the standard amount of time that people will wait before having their window coverings changed. That may seem like a solid amount of time to wait in regards to making a purchase that big, but it is enough time for there to be some pretty big changes in the interior design world. When you look at your window coverings, do they seem outdated? Do they still hold the room together and allow for there to be a unique feel and style? If your window fashions aren’t contributing anything to your room, then it is at least worth looking into other styles and designs that you can choose from and see if they can provide you with anything more.

If you are thinking that it is time to look into some new window coverings, you can count on us - Couvrant Interior Window Fashion to have a wide selection for you to choose from. You just have to sit back and relax and we will do all the work necessary!

Get your free quotation and in-home consultation now - call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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What Window Draperies Can Do

Draperies are a wonderful way to add elegance and style to virtually any room in your home. With the large selection of full-length draperies available, this window treatment is one of the most popular homeowners. At Couvrant Interior Window Fashion, we understand that trying to pick out window coverings on your own can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping our clients find the perfect window coverings for their unique needs and budget. In this blog, we’ll discuss the art of window draperies and some creative ways you can use them in your home.

Draperies Can Be Used To Set The Scene
Contrary to popular belief, draperies can be used to do more than just frame windows. While many window treatments are specifically designed to adorn the window panes in our home, this is not always a functional necessity. Draperies are also a wonderful way to decorate large archways or hallways in your home. Whether you choose luscious silk draperies or heavy velvet ones, hanging them above an entryway or archway can do wonders for the interior decor of your home.

Utilize Draperies As A Starting Place
Did you know that decorative draperies can be used for the initial inspiration of a design in your living room, bedroom, or dining room? While the use of draperies is not set in stone, these window coverings are often a great place to start when trying to decide how to paint or decorate a room in your home. Many interior designers suggest starting with one element that you love, such as a flashy fabric or detailed rug, and letting this serve as the attention-getting statement piece in the space.

Customize Your Space
If your home features a room with two or more windows, this is a prime opportunity to pick out some patterned or solid draperies to display in multiple thin panels. When a room has multiple side-by-side windows, the window treatment possibilities are seemingly endless. Whether you choose to display extravagant draperies or you opt for neutral colors that blend into the background of the room, you really can’t go wrong with adding drapes!

As you can see, there are many different ways to use drapes inside your home. If you’re in need of window treatment assistance, you're on the right page so be sure to contact our professionals today. Get your free quotation and in-home consultation now - call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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Honeycomb & Cellular Shades

Honeycomb shades, also referred to as cellular shades, are another popular window covering. This type of shade is constructed with honeycomb-shaped cells, and they can have a single, double, or triple layered design. This unique design can trap air in between the layers of the shade to provide excellent insulation properties. Some other perks of these window treatments include:

1. They are energy efficient. As mentioned above, the honeycomb design can provide your home with a high level of energy efficiency. This means that these shades can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you money on your electric bill.

2. Sound absorption. If you live near a busy highway or you have noisy neighbors, honeycomb shades may be a great window treatment to consider. The design of cellular shades are not only energy efficient, they can also help block out sound from outside.

3. A variety of styles. Depending on your needs and budget, there are a variety of thickness and styles of shades to choose from.

4. Blackout options. If you’re looking for a surefire way to block out the sunlight in your bedroom, you’ll be happy to know that there are blackout options of cellular shades that you can buy.

When it comes to honeycomb and cellular shades, you can trust Couvrant Interior Window Fashion to provide you with a wonderful and affordable selection. We offer single, double, and triple celled shades with standard cord and cordless operations. Plus, we offer free in-home consultation! All you have to do is give us a call and we can definitely help you with your needs!

Get your free quotation and in-home consultation now - call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!
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How Window Treatments Can Increase Your Home's Value

You can do a few things to your home that are easy and inexpensive yet really help give your home an overhaul. New window treatments fall into this category, as they can add a cozy element to your home that was missing before. Before you list your home for sale, make sure your shutters are in good shape and your house is warm and inviting.

If a potential buyer is out house hunting and sees 10 homes in one day, he will remember the home that had the most custom features. A lot of homes look similar these days, especially ones tucked away in developments. There a few things you can do to customize your home and make it stand out from the pack.

Customized blinds are something you should consider since they help to add texture, color, and style to your home in a way that standard blinds just cannot. Before you are entertaining guests or have people coming to look at your home, give your custom blinds a quick cleaning to make sure your home looks sharp. You might be surprised at how clean blinds can also look a lot better than blinds that haven't been dusted or wiped down in months.

Don't let bad curb appeal turn off potential buyers before they step foot in the door. Buyers might not notice your shutters if they are in great condition, but you can be certain they will notice them if they are falling apart and need to be replaced.

Here at Couvrant, we can definitely help you out with your custom blinds. All you have to do is to sit back and relax and we will do it all for you. Yes, you heard it right - ALL from in-home consultation with sample for you to be able to see and touch to measuring and installation  - WE SERVICE ALL. 
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Best Child-Safe Window Treatment

Did you know the US Consumer Product Safety Commission says window coverings with cords are 1 of the top 5 hazards in your home?

“Almost once a month,” it continues in its report ”A child between 7 months and 10 years old dies from window cord strangulation and another child suffers a near strangulation.”

So, should we all stop using window coverings with cords? Are corded blinds safe in your home if you have children? We certainly believe so and all of our products conform to the current U. S. regulations but there still is a small risk with any type of corded blind or shade.

Here are some child-safe window treatment ideas to use in your home:

1. Cordless: All you do is gently push them up or pull them down using the bottom of the shade to operate them. These blinds and shades will not have lift cords that hang down from the blind/shade – practically guaranteeing the safety of your pets and children.

2. Top-down/bottom-up: Many, but not all of these blinds also come with a cordless top down/bottom up option.

3. Motor-Operated: Yes, your blinds can be operated just as easily as your TV. You simply use a remote control to operate your blinds. Motors and remotes can get a little pricey but some of the more economical motor options are:
– Cellular shades and roller shades can be lifted with a motor.
– Horizontal blinds can be tilted with a reasonably-priced motor but motors that lift horizontal blinds are fairly expensive.

4. Continuous Cord Loop: Many of our choices, like Cellular Shades, Roman Shades and Pleated Shades, have a continuous cord loop designed especially for your children’s safety. The cords always stay the same length, regardless of their position. A tension device holds the bottom of this cord in place so that there is no room to insert a child’s head through the loop.

As parents or guardians of our children, their safety is always our number one priority. Just like anyone else, we at Couvrant give so much importance to such things because we care and prioritize the little ones as well. 
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Window Treatment Idea: My favorite journey is looking out the window

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Is Custom More Worthy Than Budget Window Treatments?

BIG YES! Blinds are perhaps one of the most popular window treatments. You might have probably been hitting up the Google search bar for "blinds near me"to see what your options are. Surely, you have noticed that there are a lot of options and wondering if custom blinds are worth it? Here are a few reasons why it's a YES:

1. THEY FIT BETTER: Custom blinds are measured and made to fit your exact window size. Our installer will measure your blinds and we will order the exact measure for your windows.

2. MORE ENERGY SAVINGS: Because custom blinds fit better, it provides a higher level of energy savings. Smaller gaps between blinds and your window frame mean that less light and heat from the sun enter your home, helping you maintain the temperature.

3. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: Custom blinds are made to last - ALWAYS. In the long term, you'll be spending less because it saves you from wear and tear.

4. EXPERT INSTALLATION: It's just one of the services you get when you go for custom blinds. You'll have stress-free installation and peace of mind that they were installed right the first time.

Here at Couvrant, we guarantee you that these are exactly the reasons why we exist! We understand how important it is to not only help you select the window treatment that best fits your style, but fits your budget as well. We can help you find the perfect blinds for your needs. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Get your free quotation and in-home consultation now - call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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Tips for Maintaining Blinds and Shades

Maintaining your blinds and shades is something that you can add to your weekly cleaning task or monthly deep cleaning routines. Just like all things in your home, window treatments need maintenance to look and operate at their best.

Whether you've maintained your blinds and shades from day one and are just looking for new ways to get the job done or you're ready to start that weekly routine for the first time, you can't go wrong with these tips below:

1. Wipe away dust weekly  - it's one of the biggest threats! If you keep a strict dusting schedule, it will surely prevent operational problems due to dust getting inside the moving parts.

2. Iron or steam wrinkles shades  - you know it will look their best when shades are perfectly crisp and we always want it that way!

3. Repair or replace broken slats  - household accidents, children, and even pets can lead to the slats on your blinds cracking, chipping or breaking. Get that repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid making the damage bigger and more costly!

4. Lastly, you may not know this but we can fix misbehaving vertical blinds slats by flipping them and using a hold punch and here's how:

Remove the slat and flip it upside down. Then, use a hold punch to create a new hole that should be roughly the same size and shape as the holes on your slat. The slat will move smoothly and stay-in-line with the rest of the slats. Don't think twice  - if you have it, try it now!

Remember, all window treatments are designed to last for years without issues, but taking care of your blinds and shades is just an easy way to prolong their life and keep them looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.

If you don't have yours yet - we are always here to help! Get your free consultation now  - call us at 202-350-0047 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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