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4 Benefits of Window Treatment

Have you ever wondered what other benefits we get from windows aside from it's built for ventilation and entry of natural light? Does it really have other importance? Do we - and when I say "we", I mean all of us including our children and fur-babies get really something out of it? Would you agree if I tell you that these so-called windows could actually give us a lot of benefits if we add treatment to it. 

Let's talk about these 4 benefits of window treatment: Privacy, Light control, Protection, and Energy Efficiency.

First things first: PRIVACY - YES to privacy. There's no other option but to add treatment to our windows to give us privacy. Instead of completely blocking the other side or using a dark window - which I'm pretty isn't usual, we could add some blackout drapes, roller shades, even blinds. It doesn't just give us privacy but it adds beauty in every room. 

Light control and energy efficiency go hand in hand - by the added treatment such as shades, shutters or drapes, we could save lots of energy as it serves as a good insulator during summer and winter. Most of these treatments play a huge role in how much light can enter a room. If you're the type of person who wants natural light go for some sheer drapes but if you prefer darkness go for the blackout shades. You definitely have control of it!

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Window Treatment Idea: An honest room is always up-to-date

_couvrant Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up-to-date.

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Stunning Window Treatment Ideas For 2022

Windows are one of the most important parts of your home, and one of the first things homeowners look for is a view and natural light. But windows, and window treatments, are intimidating when it comes to interior design choices. Leave them bare and your room looks stark. Over decorate them and that spectacular view is blocked, or cluttered. Here at Couvrant in Washington D.C., we specialize in window coverings and we are experienced interior designers you can trust to help you design the room of your dreams.

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energy efficient window coverings

What are the Best Window Treatments for Blocking the Heat?

As temperatures rise for the summer, homeowners across the country are looking for ways to stay cool without seeing a large increase in their energy costs. Similarly, homeowners are making a concerted effort to lower their environmental impact and make changes for the better. Couvrant Interior Window Fashions knows that window treatments can be an effective way to block heat and lower energy costs, and offers window treatments in the Washington, D.C. area for homeowners that want protection against the light, glares, and heat from the summer sun. Here, Couvrant Interior Window Fashion discusses a few of the best window treatments for blocking the heat and saving on energy costs this summer.

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Window Treatments 101

Here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashions, we specialize in helping the Washington D.C. find the perfect window coverings for their home. Today on the blog we’ll discuss the three types of window treatments and give examples of a few of the choices you have when it comes to window coverings. The options can become overwhelming, and if you need a professional opinion feel free to contact us and set up a consultation!

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The Gallery Wall — Wall Design Tips

Gallery Walls are very popular right now — and for good reason! When they’re done well, a gallery wall is a stunning way to fill a blank wall. We like to think of them as one single piece of art. And like any work of art, the pieces that compose it must work together in order for the work to be cohesive. 

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Cleaning Tips For Your Window Coverings

Cleaning blinds and other window coverings is a chore people forget about, or end up only doing once a year as part of their spring cleaning. When you neglect cleaning your blinds, though, they can collect dust, dander, and pollen, all of which can pollute the air in your home. If you’ve been sneezing lately, or have dusted every piece of furniture and are still seeing debris in the air when the light hits it just right, then it’s time to clean your window coverings. 

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The 60-30-10 Color rule

If you’re nervous about adding color into your home, consider the 60-30-10 rule. It’s a classic design rule, used in everything from marketing to floral arrangements, that guides you towards balance and depth. This rule is second nature to us as interior decorators, but we want to give you some insider tips here on the Couvrant Interior Window Fashions blog. Read on to learn how you can use the 60-30-10 rule in your own home. 

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What is Memphis Design?

Interior designers across the country are all saying it: Memphis design is making a comeback! Out with all white interiors and clean lines, and in with color blocking and adding some wild personality to your home. We’ve hit the peak of mid-century modern (a design trend we’ll cover in a different post) and started to embrace some Memphis design creativity. 

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