Top 5 Window Treatment Trends in Washington DC for 2024

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Thinking about current popular window treatments in Washington DC? If you are about to renovate your house or change the whole window aesthetics with something trendy, this is the absolute best idea! 2024 comes with some innovative trends in window treatments that give you complete sustainability, with tech-savvy options that can enhance both the aesthetics […]

Factors Impacting the Cost of Custom Window Treatment in Washington, DC

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Who does not like customized window treatments when they give you the tailored fit, unique design options, and high-quality materials that standard window coverings often lack? But what about the cost? You may think they are expensive, they might be, but without considering a few factors, there is no need to judge. Just keep an […]

How to Choose the Right Window Treatments for Natural Lighting?

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Natural light is essential for the well-being and aesthetics of the home, too! It makes the space bright and spacious, increases your productivity, and is inviting. Just compare the dull room with a bright one; you can feel the difference. So, for this, various window treatments welcome natural light. However, choosing the right one is […]

Child Safety and Window Coverings: What Every Parent Needs to Know?

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Parenting is often difficult because parents have to protect their children from everything, from switches to sharp objects and stairs. We usually see parents baby-proofing the cabinets, covering every electricity unit, installing safety gates, etc., to give their children a safe environment at home. One thing they usually forget is the risk associated with window […]

Window Treatments 101

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The Gallery Wall — Wall Design Tips

The interior decorators here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashions understand how challenging it is to create a perfectly composed gallery wall. Contact us.

The 60-30-10 Color rule

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The 60-30-10 rule is a foundational rule of design. But if you’re feeling confident and rebellious, you’re welcome to break it. Get your free quotation now.

What is Memphis Design?

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