Best Blinds for Privacy

As written in our previous blogs, one of the main purposes of having window coverings is to give us privacy inside our home. However, it may seem as if all coverings give privacy but there are specific coverings that focus on giving you the privacy that you are looking for.

Here at Couvrant, we give you three of your best options:

1. Cellular blinds or sometimes called cellular shades

Are the perfect blinds. It is made with a honeycomb construction that helps to insulate your windows and keep things dim. With a perfect combination of fabric and color, it’s ideal to choose this if you’re looking to completely block the view and ensure you’re the only one who can see your space.

Not sure which fabric and color to choose? Look no further! We bring fabric samples to perfectly meet your preference.

2. Blackout blinds

Offer a high level of privacy and have the ability to completely close off your space from natural light. Most are completely customizable and just like the others, they come in a number of colors and fabric options to match your space. Some even have adjustable slats to help you add a bit of natural light when you need it the most. Often privacy comes with a need of complete light control and this is where this kind of blinds succeeds better than almost anything else.

Our designer can definitely help you narrow down your search. We always make things easier for you from consultation to finish – YES, you read it right – we do it all for you!

3. Wood blinds

Also offer a high level of privacy and are also a natural insulator while looking absolutely elegant! It tends to be thicker than blinds made from other materials and you can choose the slat size that best meets your needs to get the privacy you want most. Plus, you get to control the temperature a bit with these as well.

Still can’t decide which option to choose? Worry no more! We are here not just to help you with lots of choices but we can definitely create custom blinds for privacy to meet your needs.

Get your free quotation and consultation now – call us at (202) 350-0047 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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