Best Child-Safe Window Treatment

Did you know the US Consumer Product Safety Commission says window coverings with cords are 1 of the top 5 hazards in your home?

“Almost once a month,” it continues in its report ”A child between 7 months and 10 years old dies from window cord strangulation and another child suffers a near strangulation.”

So, should we all stop using window coverings with cords? Are corded blinds safe in your home if you have children? We certainly believe so and all of our products conform to the current U. S. regulations but there still is a small risk with any type of corded blind or shade.

Here are some child-safe window treatment ideas to use in your home:


All you do is gently push them up or pull them down using the bottom of the shade to operate them. These blinds and shades will not have lift cords that hang down from the blind/shade – practically guaranteeing the safety of your pets and children.


Many, but not all of these blinds also come with a cordless top down/bottom up option.


Yes, your blinds can be operated just as easily as your TV. You simply use a remote control to operate your blinds. Motors and remotes can get a little pricey but some of the more economical motor options are:
– Cellular shades and roller shades can be lifted with a motor.
– Horizontal blinds can be tilted with a reasonably-priced motor but motors that lift horizontal blinds are fairly expensive.

Continuous Cord Loop

Many of our choices, like Cellular Shades, Roman Shades and Pleated Shades, have a continuous cord loop designed especially for your children’s safety. The cords always stay the same length, regardless of their position. A tension device holds the bottom of this cord in place so that there is no room to insert a child’s head through the loop.

As parents or guardians of our children, their safety is always our number one priority. Just like anyone else, we at Couvrant give so much importance to such things because we care and prioritize the little ones as well.

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