DOs and DON’Ts For Window Coverings

It is very important to take the right steps when preparing your home for window coverings. Getting new blinds and shades on your windows and keeping them looking great for years to come is a simple process, but it surely does require expertise and some diligence to get the perfect look and fit for your home.

For first-timers, it is common to have these mistakes that most homeowners make and we do hope that these dos and don’ts lists will save you from frustrations:

DO order samples

It will not only give you an accurate representation of what your window treatment looks like, but it also makes it easy to compare them with your furniture, your walls, and other décor in your home to find the perfect match. Worry less, here at Couvrant we bring samples. We know ordering samples is time-consuming and a little bit tiring and as much as possible we want our clients to feel at ease. Our promise is to make things easier for you!

DON’T place your order without taking precise measurement

Keep in mind that if not all then probably most of the window treatments are customized or it defeats its purpose of controlling the light and increasing privacy. Blinds and shades that don’t fit perfectly are less effective at both. Here at Couvrant, it’s part of our process to do a final measurement taken by a professional installer – making all of your window treatments custom-made as we take pride in giving our clients the right and best treatment you deserve!

DO make sure you have everything you need to install

Your new window treatment as you want to make sure you’re properly equipped. One of the most vital tools needed that not everyone thinks prior to installation is the step-ladder.

DON’T be afraid to seek help

DIY isn’t for everyone, and in some cases, it can be difficult to install certain window treatments by yourself. This is where our service can be of help, as a professional, here at COUVRANT, we make sure that we give you the best.

DO make safety your priority

It’s very important to understand that some treatments have cords and it may be dangerous for young children and pets. There are some options to avoid such by having some hardware installed as well such as cord cleat or simply purchase a cordless treatment. Remember, we at Couvrant are window coverings experts and we know what’s best and ideal including safety concerns for each client.
These are just a few common dos and don’ts but why take the risk if we help you with all your window treatments – We can never go wrong with any window treatments – it never fails to impress!

COUVRANT DOES ALL FOR YOU! Let’s start your journey and success in starting Window Treatments – get your free quotation and consultation now – call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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