How To Cover Oddly Shaped Windows

Who doesn’t agree that having oddly shaped windows stand out because of its striking contours? I guess we all agree that it is indeed one of the best ways to add a spark to your indoor and outdoor decor is to incorporate these kinds of windows. Just like other windows, it needs window coverings as well mainly to provide privacy and block natural light when it isn’t wanted. The thing is, you won’t find the window treatments you need for odd-shaped windows at the store. What you need is our expertise as a custom window treatment professional.

Here are some options for your oddly shaped windows:

1. Shutters which can be custom crafted for installation in arched, hexagonal, octagonal, and round windows.

2. Blinds can be customized as well with angled tops.

3. Cellular shades can have a wide assortment of shapes, including arches and triangles.

The great thing is that – here at Couvrant, our designers can handle any shape of window – tall, short, round, or curved – and provide you with the best window covering choices you can get.

With free in-home consultation, one of our experts can discuss your aesthetic preferences, take a look at your windows and your interior design, and provide you with customized options. Hurry and get your schedule now. Call us at 301-719-2918 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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