Is Custom More Worthy Than Budget Window Treatments?

BIG YES! Blinds are perhaps one of the most popular window treatments. You might have probably been hitting up the Google search bar for “blinds near me”to see what your options are. Surely, you have noticed that there are a lot of options and wondering if custom blinds are worth it? Here are a few reasons why it’s a YES:

They Fit Better

Custom blinds are measured and made to fit your exact window size. Our installer will measure your blinds and we will order the exact measure for your windows.

More Energy Savings

Because custom blinds fit better, it provides a higher level of energy savings. Smaller gaps between blinds and your window frame mean that less light and heat from the sun enter your home, helping you maintain the temperature.

You Get What You Pay For

Custom blinds are made to last – ALWAYS. In the long term, you’ll be spending less because it saves you from wear and tear.

Expert Installation

It’s just one of the services you get when you go for custom blinds. You’ll have stress-free installation and peace of mind that they were installed right the first time.

Here at Couvrant, we guarantee you that these are exactly the reasons why we exist! We understand how important it is to not only help you select the window treatment that best fits your style, but fits your budget as well. We can help you find the perfect blinds for your needs. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

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