Is There a Best Time to Change Window Coverings

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Are your window coverings starting to get on your nerves? Are they boring? Do they note function quite right, cover the windows all the way, or are they starting to fade and fray? We understand that other household needs seem more pressing, and after a while, it can seem like you’ll have those ugly window treatments forever. Well, we have good news for you. There are times when it’s perfect to change your window coverings. You’ll be ready for it; you’ll feel good about it, and you’ll move on enjoying your window treatments like never before. Read on to find the perfect time for you!

Your Lifestyle Is Changing

What do we mean by this? We’re talking about having a first child, moving into a place all on your own, or realizing your kids have grown up and you have the house to yourself again. When your circumstances change, it can be a fantastic time to change your environment, too. Take the time to look at your current coverings. Are they filthy? Wearing out? Clashing with the color of the walls? It’s time to reach for the solution you want, whether it’s elegant draperies you couldn’t have with children, crazy colors your parents wouldn’t let you have, or treatments that will relieve worry for your little ones.

The Season Is Changing

We all can agree that certain window coverings work in some seasons and not in others. For instance, when it’s cold and dark outside, sheer, wispy drapes don’t provide much comfort. On the other hand, heavy drapes will suffocate you in the summer. When the seasons change, you have a chance to express your style with coverings that align with the coming weather. Make your home airy and cool in the summer; turn it cozy and snug in the winter: window coverings are the key to both of these looks. The experts at Arjay’s would be delighted to help you design the perfect look!

You’re Changing Other Aspects Of Your Home

Are you repainting? Is it time to get the matted carpet replaced? Maybe it’s even more serious: you’ve got renovations coming, and you’re excited for the transformation. Bring window treatments into the process. Chances are good that your current treatments won’t harmonize as well with the new look, so don’t try. Budget for some new coverings and talk with the designers at Arjay’s Window Fashions for a unique look that will bring your renovations together.

Never underestimate the power of window treatments to transform a space. Making a change will be worth it. Get our expert team in your corner, and you’re guaranteed a winning result – call us at (202) 350-0047 or drop your information below and we will get in touch with you right away!

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