NEW: Specialty Shape Blinds

Do you have special shaped windows that are difficult to cover? Shapes such as arched, angled, trapezoid, triangular, quarter round, pentagon, and the likes? Couvrant found the only solution to cover those kinds of windows and here are some important reasons why it’s a must to do so:

Energy Efficiency / Heating and Cooling

The sun causing heat to build up in a room is more likely to occur with higher off of the ground and larger windows. Arched and angled windows are often higher off the ground. A window covering helps keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

UV Exposure and Protection from the Sun

UV exposure causes fading of carpeting, hardwood floors, cabinets, furniture, and household furnishings. Adding blinds will surely provide a complete protection from sun exposure.

Light Control

Controlling the volume of light can be a specific concern with windows which are higher off of the ground and can be dependent upon the direction the window faces, time of day, and time of year. These specialty shape solutions provide unmatched light control with the touch of a button! How cool!

Solar Glare

Adding a cover will alleviate the intensity of the sun when desired, and will help to eliminate glare on a computer screen, television, and other glare concerns.

This specialty shape blinds have unique features such as motorized solutions which is battery-operated, too advanced that it could be controlled using an iPhone and other smart devices, fully moveable, and it has materials like translucent, light filtering, semi-opaque as well as blackout of room darkening options. These features are exactly what you’re looking for: create a better space for your home!

What a great solution specifically designed for difficult to cover windows!

You have to take into consideration though that having a special shaped window and adding coverings to it is double the cost of what a traditional rectangle window covering would cost but who would mind if that’s the design you’ve been wanting for your home?

Let us help you with your special shaped windows! Go get your appointment with us now by dropping your information below or call us at 301-719-2918.

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