Stunning Window Treatment Ideas For 2022

Window Treatment for Large Window

Windows are one of the most important parts of your home, and one of the first things homeowners look for is a view and natural light. But windows, and window treatments, are intimidating when it comes to interior design choices. Leave them bare and your room looks stark. Over decorate them and that spectacular view is blocked, or cluttered. Here at Couvrant in Washington D.C., we specialize in window coverings and we are experienced interior designers you can trust to help you design the room of your dreams.

If you can find the perfect curtains for your room off the shelf, we encourage you to consult with our designers. They discuss your ideas for the room, how you plan to use the space, and the mood you’re looking to create. After speaking with you, they will come up with color, style, and pattern suggestions. You might also consider investing in custom window treatments. Whatever option you choose, Couvrant is here to help, and we even install your window covering choice for a flat fee.

Today in our blog, we’re looking at a few of the stunning window treatment ideas that are trending this year.

Waterfall Woven Wood Shade

Woods shades never go out of style. They’re versatile and can be used in both modern and traditional interior designs. Natural woven shades fill your room with warm, soft light and natural beauty. Depending on the look of your room, you can choose from a variety of materials, including reed, bamboo, or various grasses. You can also choose the thickness of your shade, depending on how much light you want to filter through or whether you prefer more coverage.

Wood shades come in a variety of styles, but we’ve chosen the waterfall shade because it embodies a clean, simple look that won’t clutter your window. The shade forms a neat stack when raised. You can’t go wrong with a woven wood shade. They add texture, are cordless (perfect for families with small children), and more unique than traditional blinds or curtains.

Floor Length Linen Curtains

Curtains — especially floor-length curtains — dramatically change the feel of a room in a short amount of time. We love the look of curtains that start above the window and hover a half inch above the ground. This type of window covering looks best in a statement room, like a sunroom or large living room. And the curtain length makes the ceiling seem taller, the room more polished, and, depending on the material, more formal.

Our choice of curtain fabric for this year is a classic, sheer, white linen. Natural linen is durable and eco-friendly. They’re light and billowy, but still provide a clean, tailored look. They don’t have a formal drape, like tight-weave cotton or a heavier fabric, but we love the character they bring to a contemporary living room or an airy bedroom. They bring a breath of fresh air to your home. There’s nothing quite like opening your windows for the first time in spring and watching the breeze ripple through a white linen curtain.

Horizontal Panel Track Blinds

Horizontal panel track blinds are great for covering expansive window areas or sliding glass door. Many of our customers believe vertical blinds are the only option when finding a window covering for a door. But panel track blinds are mounted to the wall or ceiling and slide back and forth on a track. They can stack completely clear of the door or window when fully opened.

Panel track blinds are a window covering that gives you control of how much light passes through. You can raise them to watch a sunset, leave them half-way open for afternoon light, or close them entirely for a sleepy Saturday morning.

Horizontal blinds are not only a surprising choice, but going horizontal also makes your window look longer and more dramatic. We think they’re best when covering a wall-sized bedroom window. And our favorite color choice is black, which gives a cool, sharp elegance that anyone visiting your house will admire.

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