The Gallery Wall — Wall Design Tips

Gallery Walls are very popular right now — and for good reason! When they’re done well, a gallery wall is a stunning way to fill a blank wall. We like to think of them as one single piece of art. And like any work of art, the pieces that compose it must work together in order for the work to be cohesive.

The interior decorators here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashions understand how challenging it is to create the perfectly composed gallery wall. Unlike traditionally hung frames, a gallery wall balances many different factors, including:

  • Size, shape, and color of frames.
  • Color palette and style of prints, photographs, and art within the frames
  • The wall itself and the furniture within the room
  • The layout for the gallery


Interior decorators must match the client’s vision to all of these factors, and combine them to create a striking, unified wall. If you live in Northwest DC and are considering using a gallery wall in your home, contact Couvrant Interior Window Fashions.


The grid option is great for type-A people. If you like straight, clean lines in your rooms, and value symmetry, then you should try organizing the frames in your gallery wall in a grid.

The challenge with this concept is that all the frames need to be the same size for it to work. You can go even further and make all the matting the same size as well. If you’re really into order, then choose frames and mats that are the same color.

The impact of this type of gallery comes from the variety of prints, photos, and artwork you choose to place within the frames.


Aligning your frames in a wall is a classy way to make your gallery wall standout. The trick to making it impactful and modern is to choose large frames. Bigger is better for rows. And we recommend portrait, rectangular images in proportion to the wall you’ve chosen for your gallery.

As interior decorators, we recommend placing the frames close together and using it as a feature in a bedroom over a long, but relatively short, chest of drawers.

Line Up The Bottoms

If you have a bunch of different sized frames, but still want a relatively orderly look, you should try lining up the bottoms of your frames. This works really well if you’re building the gallery wall over a piece of furniture with a clean top line. We love it over a modern sofa. Even better, try putting a rectangular rug under the sofa and enjoy the calm that clean, parallel lines bring to a room.

Choose A Central Piece

Our favorite way to put together a gallery wall is by choosing a centerpiece and then arranging frames any way you want around it. The central piece should be something large, impactful, and that resonates with you. It’s literally the center of your gallery wall, and it should be something you love looking at!

We like this layout because it gives interior decorators the most freedom to be creative. And you can also include a larger variety of frames and types of art, like different color frames, large and small frames, and even different shapes like pairs of circles and ovals.

If you have eclectic design tastes or enjoy art in a variety of sizes, then this challenging method is for you!

Couvrant Interior Window Fashions

A gallery wall can transform a room. And Couvrant Interior Window Fashions has the interior decorator experience to achieve your vision.  Contact us today  for a free consultation.

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