Tips for Maintaining Blinds and Shades

Maintaining your blinds and shades is something that you can add to your weekly cleaning task or monthly deep cleaning routines. Just like all things in your home, window treatments need maintenance to look and operate at their best.

Whether you’ve maintained your blinds and shades from day one and are just looking for new ways to get the job done or you’re ready to start that weekly routine for the first time, you can’t go wrong with these tips below:

1. Wipe away dust weekly

It’s one of the biggest threats! If you keep a strict dusting schedule, it will surely prevent operational problems due to dust getting inside the moving parts.

2. Iron or steam wrinkles shades

You know it will look their best when shades are perfectly crisp and we always want it that way!

3. Repair or replace broken slats

Household accidents, children, and even pets can lead to the slats on your blinds cracking, chipping or breaking. Get that repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid making the damage bigger and more costly!

4. Lastly, you may not know this but we can fix misbehaving vertical blinds slats by flipping them and using a hold punch and here’s how:

Remove the slat and flip it upside down. Then, use a hold punch to create a new hole that should be roughly the same size and shape as the holes on your slat. The slat will move smoothly and stay-in-line with the rest of the slats. Don’t think twice – if you have it, try it now!

Remember, all window treatments are designed to last for years without issues, but taking care of your blinds and shades is just an easy way to prolong their life and keep them looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.

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