WHY Top-Up Bottom-Up?

Window Covers for House

Among all window treatments, top-down bottom-up is becoming one the most popular options. This treatment has shades that can be raised from the bottom and lowered from the top – making them versatile and perfect for different kinds of rooms and lighting conditions.

It protects privacy while still letting sunlight into our home – most of us want to fill rooms with beautiful unfiltered sunlight but it could leave us too exposed especially if our windows face a busy street or built close to others. We don’t have to worry because top-down bottom-up shades make it easy to get the best of both worlds as it can keep the bottom portion pulled all the way down for privacy and lower the top portion to let in natural sunlight.

As we all know, sunlight’s UV rays can greatly have a harsh and constant effect on our floors, furniture and even our skin or health. But top-down bottom-up shades can be adjusted to keep the sun’s rays off – eliminating harsh UV rays and glare and filling our home with soft light instead.

Top-down bottom-up features a variety of operation methods such as standard pull cords, continuous cord loops, or cordless operations. You definitely have lots of options to choose from. Because it can be raised from the bottom and lowered from the top, you’ll have tons of possibilities when it comes to arranging their orientation on your windows.

This treatment surely adds an interesting design element to any room!

Don’t get left behind and see it yourself. Treat your windows now with top-down bottom-up shades!

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